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The place we are called to promote begins about 30 million years ago with Meteora reminding us of it.


Gomfoi – Reaching the antiquity of the prefecture of Trikala

Gomfoi is one more area where archaeological excavations brought to light the continuity of the time link, for the Regional Unit of Trikala, to eternal past. The ancient town marks the boundary of two prefectures of Western Thessaly, and the findings suggest that it was a prosperous region of ancient times.
At the valley where the ancient site spreads, life continues to this day; however, the significance of the area seems to have imposed the awareness of its serenity and superiority. It may be beyond the feeling of what eyes can discern in this route, while its findings are hosted in museums and archaeological collections throughout Thessaly. The vineyards at its outskirts, still tirelessly grown today, seem to be ancient, too.
One must go through a jagged dirt road to reach what reveals what preceded the nearby villages and towns, such as roofing tiles, shreds and the town walls behind. The way all this splendor was revealed is also worth praising. The crops in the area once reached, with their roots, the secret world hidden by the land there, and gradually its farmers brought to light the first signs of this significant ancient town, for archaeology, in turn, to untangle its thread.
Strabo recounts that Gomfoi belonged to the administrative division of the tetrad Estiaiotida, with Trikki, Pelinna and Mitropolis. Gomfoi were the protectors of the passage to Athamania.
Phillip II appears to have acted here, enhancing even more the splendor of Gomfoi.

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