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Ela Meteora Trikala

The place we are called to promote begins about 30 million years ago with Meteora reminding us of it.


Lakes – Fairies are still born…

If you wonder what happened to all the fairies of the legends, we should inform you that they are still born in the prefecture of Trikala. They are born in the water resting in our lakes, as unique habitats develop around them. And they are born by human means, offered to nature with the utmost respect.
As in the case of Logga Lake. A beautiful lake, reflecting the colours of the forest of each season, on its emerald-coloured water, creating a unique landscape. It is on 1,100 m. And it is the ideal destination for recreation at the area of Antichasia, only 50 km. away from Trikala 32 km. from Kalampaka.
After the dam creation, the lake started extending, forming magical banks that seem to have been taken out of fairy legends. Next to the village with the same name, and almost at the boundary with the prefecture of Larissa, Logga Lake awaits and hosts human at a harmonious landscape. One does not need to go alone just to reflect – although that would be even more pleasant- but simply visit the lake with friends, family, on a bike, his hiking team. There’s only one condition to visit the lake: to bring a camera!
And if this is not enough, every summer a competition gives life to this water miracle, with festive spirit. It’s a fishing competition!
Another lake, on the other side of the prefecture, and a few kilometers away from Pyli, is also a gift and a small reward for someone that wants to fully explore the prefecture of Trikala.
Agios Vissarion Lake, smaller but equally magical, is there, also created by human, at a landscape, passable and safe for all ages. Here, the nature also completed human work, by gaining life, which anyone can observe from any point of the bank.

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