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Ela Meteora Trikala

The place we are called to promote begins about 30 million years ago with Meteora reminding us of it.


Short Path to the Refuge from Pertouli Ski Center

This path is an alternative short way to reach the refuge from Pertouli Ski Center, skipping a large part of the traditional access path. This route was characterized as traditional in the 90s and 20s. Due to its short length, it is mainly suggested during winter, when there is plenty of snow in the mountain. It is also a branch of the traditional path. In order to arrive at its starting point, we should follow the traditional path and reach an elevation of 1350 meters. There is a crossroad on the left that slopes up to the forested sides and then to the barren and steeper slopes facing eastwards. The path joins the forest road for less than 100 meters and then it gets its own way, ending at the Z formation that is formed. After approximately 400 meters, the path touches the forest road and continues to the left. After that, it follows the normal ridges (valleys) and crosses slopes to the right, above the pen, and finally reaches Bakola plateau, where the refuge of Koziakas is found. This course is shorter, in order to gain access to the refuge. You are advised to follow this path in winter, however, it is not as beautiful as the traditional one.

Length: 1638 m.

Alt. Ascent: 347 m.

Alt. Descent: 1 m.

Maximum Altitude: 1698 m.

Minimum Altitude: 1352 m.

Τrackpoints: 156


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