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Ela Meteora Trikala

The place we are called to promote begins about 30 million years ago with Meteora reminding us of it.


Elati – Red Rock – Kosta – Amaranthos or Tsioki

Our way starts from the center of Elati, having followed an upward road across the gas station. However, the start of this route was recorded to be the parking area in front of Kroupi Hostel, only a few meters away from the square. We climb up towards the area of Tsionaki in Elati and then, in 460 meters, we see that the road turns into a dirt road at the end of the last houses of the village (Attention! We do not follow the path towards the Climbing Site of Red Rock). After 60 meters in the dirt road, there is a crossroad on the right along with a sign to the Red Rock. The Red Rock is a distinctive rock that can be seen from afar and which hides many climbing routes. We take the path to the Red Rock, which is 450 meters long. From the top of the Rock (1050 m) we enjoy an amazing view of Elati, as well as of the Pindos Mountains and Agrafa. A few meters before the Red Rock, we turn on the left to the meadows named Upper Meadows. After crossing them, we reach the pen and move for another 20 meters. On the left, a new path goes up and crosses the forested slopes. Approximately 500 meters from the pen, we get to a flat area named Tsouknidoula. Next, we go right to the slope, which starts with several flat parts and then is almost lost. In the last flat part (Voulaka Location), the path goes even higher on the left and goes through Kosta Location (or Kosta’s fir tree). It moves through the dense forests of fir trees and cedar and finally meets the forest road. Then, we follow the road for almost a kilometer until a place named Mnima tis Papadias. Then we leave this path and we go up straight on the right (there is no path there) and after 20 minutes, we find ourselves in Tsioki or Amaranthos in 1526 meters. The top of Amaranthos is famous for its variety of flowers (dakrakia meaning little tears) that grow in this top at the end of April. We can return back following the forest road to Elati, which is easier but longer compared to our way up.

Length: 11099 m.

Alt. Ascent: 692 m.

Alt. Descent: 640 m.

Maximum Altitude: 1525 m.

Minimum Altitude: 875 m.

Τrackpoints: 870


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