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Ela Meteora Trikala

The place we are called to promote begins about 30 million years ago with Meteora reminding us of it.


Elati – Kalogiromantri – Arvanites – Refuge – Chatzipetrou Peak

Our ascent starts from Elati, namely from Kanavia Location, where there is a homonymous tavern. Firstly, this path passes near the chapel of the Holy Trinity (400 meters up to here) and heads towards a forest road, which we also meet 170 meters higher. Another way to get here is to follow the forest road straight from Elati, which starts from the square of the village across the gas station. Having followed this forest road until Poulimen Location (a big Ζ is formed) up to a certain point, we cross the gentler slopes and find a fountain with drinking water (Poulimen Fountain). Just a little higher, we meet a forest road towards Gratsan, forming a distinctive Z. Here is a crossroad. Pay attention! We do not follow the path that crosses the slopes right in front of us, but we turn to the right. After walking for almost half an hour from Poulimen, we reach Kalogyromantri, where there is a homonymous fountain 50 meters on the left. 400 meters away from Kalogyromantri , the road meets Vara Location (and Limnoula on the left). Here we find a distinctive fencing (borders of Elati- Pertouli) and a new path begins. At first, this path goes down for a few meters and then crosses the gentle slopes in Arvanites and then passes under the steep sides of Orniofolia. As we approach the pen, we get closer to the refuge and we move upwards, after passing a steep path named Skala. Climbing the steps (leaving our pen on our left side), we have the Refuge 1738m in front of us and fountain Bakola on the left. After the refuge, the path leads almost straight to the top. Finally, we climb to the top of Astrapi. Αστραπής (Chatsipetrou Top 1901m). Chatzipetrou Top is the highest top in the complex of Astrapi and is also named as Simeio by locals.


Length: 7907 m.
Alt. Ascent: 1070 m.
Alt. Descent: 89 m.
Maximum Altitude: 1889 m.
Minimum Altitude: 908 m.
Τrackpoints: 628

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