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Ela Meteora Trikala

The place we are called to promote begins about 30 million years ago with Meteora reminding us of it.


The villages of Mesochora – The soul of Pindos in a route

We follow Acheloos river to the villages of its route, collecting images and scents of an area like no other, which fascinates, in any way one may visit. The only thing for the traveler to do is to open his senses, be guided, and listen to his every step.

To look around him as he reaches across Fourka peak, to see the bright rays of the Sun kiss its peaks, to admire its sparkle on the tree leaves, to rise to the occasion.
Pachtouri, Mesochora, Lafina, Koryfi, Armatoliko and Aetos, but also Stournareika and the farthest end, Myrofyllo, hide the parthenogenesis of the world of Trikala, which is worth knowing. A community of peaks, trees and humans met Acheloos river to get in the map and fascinate you.

Starting from Pyli, we take the road to Arta. Mesochora Dam, and the tunnels open to best access Trikala – Arta road, make the journey less tiring. The visitor is rewarded by watching the flow of the crystal-clear waters of Acheloos river and by the frequent stops to capture the endless beauty. The drive will often be interrupted by flocks of the area, as these are untouched and quiet places.
At the small cafes of the villages, you will meet its people, the most important element. Many of them have hardly moved from there. Being hospitable, they will recommend that you take nature’s goodness with you: tea, rocket, trout and lots of aromatic herbs.

A recommendation out of these villages is Myrofyllo. It is right on the boundary with the prefecture of Arta and Mesounta. A self-sufficient place, wholly adapted to the needs. And this is shaped by and shaping the special environment, quite far from urban and suburban places.
You will ask for directions to the Holy Monastery of Saint George, to admire the place they chose to found this place of prayer.

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