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The place we are called to promote begins about 30 million years ago with Meteora reminding us of it.



Pyli is just a breath away from South Pindos. Life in this small city is spread around the banks of River Portaikos, between Itamos and Koziakas. Its history has been identified with its geographical location. It has preserved its character through time, introducing visitors to all its beauty. There are paths accessible to passengers, offering all they need for their accommodation and amusement. Passengers have the chance to climb the rocky zones and reach wild tops. A variety of herbs that boost the flavor of local dishes grows in there, making Trikala and all the villages around the ultimate gastronomic destination.

Explore the four bridges that link the river banks, among which is the Stone arched Bridge or Arch. Discover traditional narrow paths and visit all accessible destinations either hiking or driving until there.
Across the main body of the city, we find the Monastery of Porta Panagia, a byzantine church that remains active. According to myths, this is where the temple of Goddess Athena was located. Here, life continues forever.

Following the same simple and historically remarkable religiousness, the Monastery of Gkouras is found within the dense vegetation of a hill in the southwest part of Pyli. A short 3 km trip is enough, in order to get to a panoramic view of the city and see clearly up to Mountain Antichasia.

Every beautiful aspect of this place is depicted on the opposite side of the river. The Monastery of Agios Vissarion is lying on the east side of Koziakas. At the foot of the mountain, we see the artificial lake of the homonymous village. In such a close proximity, we find a small source of life. An itinerant break that reveals once again the secret of the eternal value of Trikala: nature has the first say in the work of men.

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